Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vegan kids ROCK

How excited was I to be asked to be interviewed about kids who are vegan or vegetarian. I couldn't pass up the chance!

Jackson and I have been vegan for a little more than a year and not only is he surviving, he's thriving. Some people weren't super supportive of our diet change but I think that since time has passed they are maybe a little more willing to agree that he's a healthy, happy little kid.

It only made sense that when I changed my diet that I change his. He's more likely to live a healthier life, obviously save a few animals and make an impact on the environment all by just eating things that didn't used to have, or be a mother.

I'm quite proud of this article.


  1. It was a great article!! I really enjoyed reading it! What an insightful piece on how being vegan can be really incredibly healthy for kids! I definitely would have been a skeptic a few years ago! I'm a beginning vegan and trying to learn some quick things to cook and bake for meals during the week! Glad to have found your wonderful blog! I just started a new blog about why I'm trying a vegan diet (, I'd truly appreciate any good tips!!

  2. Carrie, I'm so glad you found us! My best tip is to keep it simple. Don't get bogged down with the crazy "vegan" things until you have a grasp on eating regular old foods like salads, beans and such. Good luck!