Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My list of pantry must haves.

I admit I hoard groceries. But I swear I rotate through them and I USE my stash. I just really like having a bunch of my MVP's on hand at all times. Let's face it we all plan a menu for the week and never stick to you. Okay, not all of us, just me. I find by having a well stocked pantry I can whip up a meal and I'm less likely to eat out too!

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I love these guys. They are super versatile. You can make chicken salad sandwiches with them (my newest passion), throw them on a salad for a little crunch, puree them to make hummus (again eat it all. the. time). I could go on and on. Instead I'll just tell you I keep no less than 8 cans in my pantry at all times!

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Bush's Black Beans. Again these are versatile. Hippie loaf, veggie burgers, taco salads. These too are a must for a well stocked pantry! Like the garbanzo beans I keep no less than 8 in my pantry!

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Minute Brown Rice. I'm mom to 3 (the husband counts as a kid 90% of the time) along with working full time outside the home. My kids are starving as soon as we walk in the door after work. I need fast! Rice can be used in a number of dishes from breaskfast to dinner which I love.

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Gnocchi (pronounced neo key). My favorite way to eat this is with sauteed squash, zucchini, carrots, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and LOTS of garlic. mmmm. I buy it at my local grocery store. It's made with whole wheat flour vs. white flour the picture shows. I've tried to make it myself, TWICE, and we end up throwing it away so I just buy it.

The of course other basics such as steel cut oats, whole wheat flour, linguini noodles, spaghetti noodles, raw sugar, agave nectar, lots of fresh veggies, fresh ground peanut butter, and lastly fresh fruit.

One great tip about fresh veggies. I only buy enough to last a few days at the most (and from a local farmers market) then come home and immediately wash and cut, slice, dice, julienne them and put them in the fridge. It makes meal prep that much faster...and if I am super hungry and have cut veggies I'm more likely to grab them than the oreos!

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